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Erev Shabbos Mit Eliezer Siegal and His Mishugena Mishpocha

A Photographic Storybook
by Eliezer ben Boca Beach

A message from the Author:

This storybook is a collection of thirty-five color photographs of the Siegal family, my flighty, feathered friends, depicted in uniquely different beach situations. Intertwined with the Siegal family photographs is a story about their mishugena mishpoche (crazy family) and how they prepare for Shabbos. The story is told primarily in English but with a bisel tongue-in-cheek humor, a bisel Ivrit (Hebrew), and a bisel mame lushen (Yiddish) just to make the story a bisel schmaltzy (sentimental).

We welcome the reader to hamishe (down to earth) mame lushen (Yiddish) in a comical and easy-to-read format. A glossary is included to assist people in learning new Yiddish words and phrases. Yiddish is an integral aspect of the Ashkenazi (European Jews) culture. It is such an expressive language that many of the words and phrases have found their way into the English lexicon and I want to help keep Yiddish alive.

There is an underlying spiritual message in this story. I want to share with the reader some of Judaism’s timeless values like Shabbos, Tzedakah, Chessed, Bikur Cholim, and even the concept of Shehecheyanu (grateful blessing) and much more. This is our heritage and we need to teach them to our children to perpetuate our traditions.

Mien mishpoche and Ich wish you a gutten Shabbos!