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Anti-Israel Media Monitoring:

Behind The News We are presenting to you news items and analysis that you often do not see in your standard mainstream electronic or print media, even if you live in the Middle East. These pieces are selected from different journalists who are registered with the Bet Agron International Press Center in Jerusalem, or with the Gaza Media Center, under the jurisdiction of the Palestine Authority.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in CAMERA is a non-denominational, educational organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East. Members hold diverse political views, but are united in opposing media bias and misinformation.

Facts and Logic About the Middle East FLAME has for over fifteen years brought the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict to the attention of an American public that is mostly uninformed and misinformed about these matters. The media -- both print and broadcast -- are with few exceptions biased against Israel.

Honest Reporting A fast-action website that monitors the international media for biased reports against Israel. We then alert members via email so they may refute the misinformation by contacting the media outlets directly. Among the areas of misinformation addressed are: misleading definitions and terminology, imbalanced reporting, opinions disguised as news, lack of context, selective omission, and drawing false conclusions from true facts.

Israel Hasbara Committee Welcome to the official IHC website. Help fight gross falsehoods and distortions of truth, which are the greatest threat to Israel's existence