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Art Tamar A personal touch for the person who loves something different and appreciates good design. The shop offers original hand made designer jewelry, women's accessories, home decor objects, modern Judaica, and more. Besides the Judaica there are many other original products designed by Israeli artists and designers.

Avant-Garde M. International Avant-Garde M. International | home to a number of talented jewelry and Judaica designers working with silver, gold, wood and precious stones.

Avi Biran Avi Biran - Unique designer of modern Judaica that blends humor into his creations. Find designs for the whole gamut of Jewish life.

Ben's Tallit Shop Ben's Tallit Shop is the leading tallit and tzitzit expert on the Web. Not only do we offer a broad tallit and tzitzit selection, but we also provide nuts-and-bolts guidance to help you with sizing, tzitzit options, name embroidery, etc. Whether you’re looking for a bar mitzvah boy, a wedding groom or yourself, we're here to help. We're located on the outskirts of Jerusalem and every tallit we sell is made in Israel. We ship to all parts of the US, Canada, Europe and all locations worldwide, with very affordable shipping options.

Caesarea Arts A superb collection of stone and glass Judaica and Corporate gifts of unsurpassed beauty and quality. A unique system incorporating company logo with Israeli motifs.

Canaan-Online Canaan-Online specializes in fine art Judaica. In this website store you will discover a large assortment of unique designs such as; Mezuzahs, Candlesticks, Menorahs, Hamsas and more, made by distinguished Israeli artists. In this online store you will find Mezuzahs, Menorahs (hanukiyas), Candle Holders, Hamsas and more, made from Glass, Silver, Jerusalem and Dead Sea stone, Iron and Bronze. All of the products in this store are made in Israel by the artists, and sent to you directly from Israel.

Dan Givon Silver Judaica "My art is an expression of my Jewish identity. When designing Judaic Art, it is essential to understand its spiritual purpose as well as its functional use. I acquire such awareness from all sources and communicate this complex meaning within its form. Each work balances modern designs with tradition and function. Through these pieces, I strive to show today's generation that modern Judaica is art as well as a harmonious part of our modern lifestyles."

Efod Art Embroidery Judaica Art in textile form. All hand made for Synagogues and families. Parachot (Ark curtains), Torah covers, Challah and Matzah-covers, very special Talit and Talit bags, wall hangings, Chuppahs, and more

Emil Shenfeld Modern Design in Judaica. Multifunctional sculptures in sterling silver and other metals.

Feeling Art Adina Roizman, of New York, Vienna and Jerusalem. Originals or authentic copies may be purchased. Also available, on special order, are individualized paintings and illustrations, illuminated prayers (including Maimonides' famed Physician's prayer), and marriage an entire range of "segulot" (charms for Divine protection and personal and business success). Additional categories include illustrations based upon the Bible and other holy writings, decorated in pencil, watercolor, oil and gouache. Another particular favorite is the Family Tree. Aside from works of art, other products available through Ms. Roizman include Talitot, tsitsiyot,tephillin, mezuzot Torah Scrolls, and other articles for religious observances, Bar/Bat Mitzvot, weddings, etc... all exclusive and of the highest quality.

Gans Jerusalem Our extensive selection includes candlesticks, seder plates, mezuzah cases, tzdaka boxes, personalized items, and simcha favors, as well as useful and decorative objects for your home. All made in Israel. We are also your source for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, anniversary, and baby gifts.

Gifts 2 Israel (flowers, wine & Judica) was created in 2004 in order to establish a connection between jewish community over the world and their relatives and friends in Israel. staying in touch by sending flowers or any other product, is a perfect way to preserve friendships. Our products are all made in Israel and will be sent immediately! All products are 100% kosher and made of the Highest quality.

Israel Visit Opportunity to view, as well as purchase, exquisite items of 1st Class Judaica from Israel, created by contemporary Israeli artists. These Judaica pieces are for the collector of Judaica or for gifts. All Judaica pieces were created in Israel.

Jewish Art is a friendly and informative guide to the world of Jewish art. Travel through its pages and drift off to endless journeys that share exciting perspectives: discover the significance behind items like the tallit, mezuzah and shofar. Understand the technologies, materials and styles. Get to know leading Israeli artists, view inspiring pictures and get some useful tips on how to choose the best items. There is something for everyone!

Jewish Baby Names Home of the "Hebrew Birth Plate", a 7"x5" framed ceramic tile personalized with English & Jewish name and birth dates. A lasting baby gift conceived to accompany the newborn baby through its entire life. In the site many links on Jewish Calendar and baby naming. is an online Judaica store, that contains Judaica gifts, Judaica and Jewish Articles, Shofars, Talits, Mezuzahs, Menorahs, wide selection of Kippot and Yarmulkes including Custom Made Kippot for all occasions like Weddings, Bar Mitzva and Bat Mitzva, Jewish gifts, all Jewish holiday gifts, Rosh Hashana Jewish gifts, Passover, Sukkot and fine other Judaica products and Jewish related gifts.

Judaica Mall is an exciting online retailer that specializes in unique Jewish gifts for all occasions. Featuring more than 3000 exceptional items of Judaica that have been produced by leading artisans, we invite you to browse our store and make your next gift an amazing one.

Laura Cowan Laura Cowan creates designer Judaica in silver, steel and anodised aluminium from her studio in Tel Aviv.

Mezuzot from Eretz Yisrael Information on purchasing certified Kosher Mezuzot written by expert scribes in Eretz Yisrael- the Land of Israel. Connect the Mitzvah of your Home, to the Mitzvah of our Homeland!

My Israeli Gift Welcome to, your source of judaica, jewish and Israel gifts, supplied directly from Israel! brings you quality, sensibly priced ritual objects, jewelry, art, & much more. Our website is secured by SSL and other state-of-art technologies and you should no worry about security buying online through our website.

TES - Jewish Software Jewish Software | One-stop source for all of your Judaic software needs. Over 120 titles of Judaic, Hebrew and Bible educational software. Includes educational games, Jewish history and Israel. Programs and develops for ArtScroll, Bar Ilan University, Feldheim, Keter, Otzar Haposkim, Yad HaRav Herzog and others

The Jerusalem Gift Shop Gifts from the Holy Land. Decorative Art Handcrafted by Israeli Artists for Holy Days; CD-ROM DVD and Video from Israel, Judaica Chanukia Mezuzah, Unique Ceramics and Glass Art

Unique Papercut Judaica by Marci Wiesel Marci Wiesel's unique Judaica papercuts are a delight to the eye and the spirit. She combines her lively papercut designs with Jewish blessings and Biblical passages and motifs rich in meaning and symbolism.

Yossi Matityahu : Judaica & Fine Arts A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Matityahu is a highly regarded designer who shows a fresh attitude towards ceremonial objects. His ultra-modern design are based on his desire to create the meeting point between traditional and modern life. Most of Matityahu's ritual objects contain dynamic elements, allowing the viewer to physically interact with the art. He uses minimalist styles to construct modern Judaica in silver, aluminum, titanium and other metals. Many of his Jerusalem artist's kinetic designs have been recognized throughout the world, receiving numerous awards and prizes.