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Links for Orphanages:

Lev LaLev Orphanage Since 1962 the Lev LaLev Israel Orphanage has provided orphaned girls from all over Israel, with a safe, warm and loving home rebuilding their shattered lives through individual modern therapy. Through the love and care of our dedicated and trained staff we give our girls a bright future as they leave behind the trauma, neglect, and abuse that they have suffered. Through the Lev LaLev Jewish Charity Fund, we provide them with all their basic needs and much more. We give them food, clothing, and shelter; and just as importantly, we give them state of the art therapy, mentoring, and tutoring. We are there for all their important life cycle events, including their Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, and their weddings.

Zion Orphanage: Israel's Oldest Active Orphanage. The world's oldest continuously running Jewish Orphanage, Zion Blumenthal, was founded in 1900. The Zion Orphanage is dedicated to providing disadvantaged and homeless youth in Israel with the warmth, care and the education needed to develop into responsible adults and productive members of society. At the Zion Orphanage every child's physical, emotional and educational needs are a top priority. The staff uses an individualistic approach giving each child the unique framework he needs to succeed. The Orphanage also has its own in-house health clinic, staffed by a physician and a nurse. The Zion Orphanage serves those children requiring "rehabilitative" care. The student body consists of Jewish boys from secular, traditional and religious backgrounds with diverse traditions including Ashkenazic and Chassidic and Sephardic (Yemenite, Syrian, Moroccan, Persian, Turkish, Tunisian and more).