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Links for Underprivileged & Sick Children:

Yad Eliezer Yad Eliezer’s mentoring program provides over 4,000 severely troubled young boys and 300 girls with a “big brother” or “big sister” who was carefully chosen to provide his/her charge with the love and guidance that he or she lacks at home. The paid mentors are trained; they must fill out monthly and biannual assessment forms to insure that the children receive the best support possible. The proven success of the program enables it to receive up to 25% of its funding from local municipalities. In 2010, Yad Eliezer hired a survey team to determine the results of 10 years of mentoring. The resultant report, “A Decade of Success,” details in statistics what we knew to be true anecdotally. A full 96% of participants were placed in standard educational programs upon completion of our mentoring program, or had graduated and were holding down jobs.

Aleh Aleh is Israel's largest and most advanced network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and mental disabilities.

Alynus Hospital - Jerusalem Changing the lives of handicapped children. Alyn Hospital is one of the world's leading specialists in the active and intensive rehabilitation of children, regardless of religion or ethnic origin, with a broad range of physical disabilities and is the only facility of its kind in Israel.

Boys Town Jerusalem Turning young boys from limited backgrounds into young men with limitless futures. Strong values have been part of BTJ since its founding. In addition to a fine education, students are deeply imbued with traditional Jewish values and ideals. As a result, Boys Town graduates are proud to serve in the IDF.

Children's Village of Jerusalem Children's Village of Jerusalem is the home away from home for children at risk. Products of dysfunctional families, these youngsters, many of whom are orphaned, are in need of physical and emotional support. Our dedicated and professional staff assists the children in overcoming trauma, in building up their self-esteem in order to enable them to function as productive members of society.

Dental Volunteers for Israel We operate a modern dental clinic for children ages 5-18. Our only patients are children and teens referred to us by any of Jerusalem’s municipal welfare service offices. Since our patients’ families are ranked “in greatest need” we offer a full dental health care program completely free of charge. Volunteer dentists from 13 countries, and their Israeli colleagues, provide the very best professional care. At each unit, experienced dental assistants work alongside the volunteer dentists.

Friends of AKIM USA Friends of AKIM USA provides funding for AKIM Israel. AKIM is an acronym for the Hebrew words which, translated, means "Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in Israel." AKIM, founded over 54 years ago, is the largest organization in Israel caring for mentally handicapped, Down Syndrome and developmentally disabled children and adults. Over 30,000 mentally handicapped and 120,000 members of their families benefit from these services

Help & Education in Israel The Help and Education Center of Kiriat Gat is devoted for the past twenty years to achieve true and lasting good for children and needy people that have no family care . This requires consistent and long-term effort, and for this effort we need your help.

Israel Children's Cancer Foundation These are some of the ICCF Funding Programs: * Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Transplants * Equipment Upgrades * Nurse Practitioners * Long Term Survivor Programs * Outpatient Coordinators * Child Life Specialists * Creative Art Therapists * Fellowship Programs * Stipends for beginner-level Pediatric Oncologists. This year alone, we are providing a half a million dollars in grants for this life saving work. As the only non-profit organization providing in-hospital care for Israeli children, we have made a major impact since our founding in fulfilling the dream of giving these cancer-ridden children a "ray of hope" for their future wellbeing.

Keren Or Ray Of Light - A Spark Of Hope More than just therapy, more than just education. Keren Or is a unique combination of commitment, knowledge, dedication and skill that serves to encourage and help blind multi-disabled youngsters to maximize their potential and reach for the stars.

Lev LaLev Orphanage The Rubin-Zeffern Children's Home in Kiryat Sanz, Netanya, was founded in 1961 by the late revered Rebbe of Sanz-Klausenburg. Over the years, this institution has sheltered hundreds of orphans as well as "living orphans," children abandoned by parents who were unable to care for or raise them. Some of the children had been abused, while others were removed from their homes by Court Order. Others were abandoned or neglected by their parents, and still others were orphaned by heinous terrorist attacks.

Shalva The care of special needs children should not be left to the family alone, Shalva endeavored to create a therapeutic environment in which special needs children could thrive and grow. Shalva provides services to more than 500 participants with special needs, including infants, children, adolescents and young adults via a plethora of tailored programs and round-the-clock therapies, seven days a week. Shalva accompanies the child and his/her family from birth to adulthood. Individual programs are so designed that each participant reaches his/her full potential. By placing an emphasis on social interaction, the special needs child can better integrate into the community.

Shiloh Israel Children The Shiloh Israel Children's Fund was established by David Rubin and friends of Israel in the United States to support educational and recreational projects for children in the heart of the Land of Israel, particularly in the Shiloh bloc of communities, where the children have suffered terribly from the terrorism of the past few years.

The Help and Education Center of Kiriat Gat The Help and Education Center of Kiriat Gat is devoted for the past thirty years to achieve true and lasting good for children and needy people that have no family care . This requires consistent and long-term effort, and for this effort we need your help

Tzohar There is a desperate need in Israel for Special Schools for exceptional children. The problem is especially acute in Northern Israel where the lack of institutions for the disabled is sorely felt.Tzohar's Mission is to determine and develop the potential of each student. To foster the student's independence so that he/she will be able to maintain a quality of life and to interact with society by contributing to and receiving from it.

Zion Blumenthal Israel's oldest active Orphanage, Zion Blumenthal, founded in 1900, is dedicated to providing disadvantaged youth in Israel with the care and education they need to thrive into responsible adults and productive members of society. Today the Orphanage, located on an acre of land in the heart of Jerusalem, serves some 100 children, ages 6-18. While some of the children are orphans, many come from dysfunctional, abusive or poverty-stricken homes and have been placed in the orphanage by the welfare agencies. Others are immigrant children from throughout the world, whose parents are unable to care for them. At Zion Blumenthal, every child's physical, emotional and educational needs are a top priority. The staff uses an individualistic approach giving each child the unique framework he needs to succeed. The orphanage also has its own in-house health clinic, staffed by a physician and a nurse.

Zivneurim Zivneurim is an Israeli non-profit organization founded by former naval commandos in 2000 in honor of Ziv Levy, a fellow commando who fell in the line of duty. ZivNurim has crafted a unique intervention program which empower youth at risk through marine activity in order to prevent their dropout from school. During 2010 we operated 26 groups all over the country with 350 teenagers.