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Links for Needy Family Assistance:

Yad Eliezer Yad Eliezer is one of the largest distributors of food and services for needy families in Israel. Food items are collected by volunteers or bought wholesale, then distributed in 17 cities throughout Israel in a variety of ways depending on the need. Approximately 6,000 monthly food boxes containing basic grocery staples and household items are delivered to low income families. Another 2,000 families receive food vouchers that can be redeemed at local supermarkets. Baby formula is delivered on a monthly basis to over 2,000 babies whose mothers who cannot nurse but are too poor to purchase infant formula. Over 150 metric tons of chicken are delivered to indigent families twice a year, before the holidays. Agricultural cooperatives donate surplus fruits and vegetables to Yad Eliezer. The surplus crops are then distributed to over 6,000 low income families instead being destroyed.

Meir Panim Meir Panim Soup Kitchens in Israel was established to provide an effective immediate solution to help needy families (and children) cope with economic struggle. At Meir Panimís eleven relief centers, these people receive not only tangible aid, but emotional support as well. Additionally, 7,000 children unable to pay for school lunches benefit from free lunch kits delivered by Meir Panim to their schools. This is of enormous help to the families, as sometimes there is not even a warm meal awaiting the children at the end of a school day.

Chesed & Shalva We serve widows, orphans and other economically underprivileged single families.

Ezra l'Marpe The voluntary organization "Ezra l'Marpe", directed by Rabbi Elimelech Firer, operates to ease the suffering of the sick and their families. This organization provides assistance, advice, and medical equipment to anyone who needs it, throughout Israel.

Keren Yehoshua V Yisroel. We help over 1,300 families through the distribution of food coupons. Now is your opportunity to bring joy and happiness to these families. Please sponsor as many families as possible. Any size contribution will help. Please give generously.