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Links for Emergency, Medical & Disaster Services:

Yad Eliezer Yad Eliezer For a family that is just barely putting food on the table, an unexpected emergency can mean total crisis. Repair of a broken water pipe may leave the family with no money for food or medicine, exacerbating an existing medical condition. A sudden medical emergency may force a father and mother to choose between a doctor and food for their family. These and other minor catastrophes very often create a terrible domino effect. They may result in eviction from their home, food deprivation, deterioration of a medical problem, or a nervous breakdown, and literally cause a family to descend into chaos. By assisting families struck with crisis to get over this hump, money which was set aside for regular expenses is not applied towards the emergency, thus preventing the family from plunging into debt. With this in mind Yad Eliezer started the “Emergency Fund”. This fund, is there to help otherwise stable and functioning families cope through a bump in the road and to go on with life in a way which would never have been possible

Israel Cancer Association USA The Israel Cancer Association, established in 1952 is the leading health-related charitable organization in Israel. Offering hope to patients, their families and all of us. It is involved in every aspect of the fight against cancer. Supporting research and services at 31 hospital and universities throughout Israel.

ZAKA Rescue & Recovery ZAKA Rescue & Recovery is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of dedicated determined to go to great lengths to protect human dignity and accord the proper respect for the dead in accordance with Jewish law, heritage and tradition. Supported by a cadre of over 900 highly motivated and trained volunteers, the mission of ZAKA is to heal the wounded and offer comfort to the afflicted, and to take extraordinary measures to honor the deceased, whether they be victims of terror, accidents or natural disasters.